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By Giovanni Sseremba
RNF Education Beneficiary

A mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser and the relationship the mentor and the protégé is a mentorship. This relationship is supposed to be full of knowledge and advice being transferred to a younger colleague such as information about his/her career path, guidance, motivation, emotional support and above all the protégé must look at his/her as a role model.

According to me, I understand a mentor as a mature who has made a great deal of mistakes throughout his/her life as well as achievements willing to share that experience in all aspects of life with someone from the next generation as to create an even a more successful individual.

In the same sense a protégé as an individual from a much younger generation receiving advice be it mental or career advice from an individual from a much older generation in order to succeed in life and achieve greater things even more than his/her mentor. A mentor’s first goal is to breed an individual who will succeed in whatever he/she failed at and reach even greater heights hence a mentor sources for opportunities, contacts, resources, support to ensure that his/her protégé succeeds to make him/her proud “a mentor’s pride is in his protégé’s success”.

However many young people mostly in less developed countries confuse different people to be their mentors such as Idols, parents, celebrities and role models and this is because of the fact that we are only told that we have to be successful like our parents, idols and role models but no one teaches us “how” hence we also concentrate the “what” to become. This has only gave birth to a generation of “wannabes” who really don’t know that in any successful story the process must be followed and trusted in all fields music, academia, politics among others.

Many of the greatest people in the world are successful because of the mentorship they received in which ever field they belong to for example Plato one of the greatest philosophers was under Socrates, Andrew Carnegie one of the greatest American entrepreneurs of all time became a protégé to Thomas Scott at the age of 12 and was mentored for over 30years. However many of these people with the capacity of being mentors to these young souls also don’t want to put up with the hard work and struggle of being mentors since it take a lot more than being successful and knowledgeable. One should look it as passion otherwise it is one of the hardest things to do and it requires a maximum level of endurance from both the mentor and the protégé.

It is because of this that the inspiration hubs and different stakeholders from the Rose Namayanja Foundation are really doing a great deal of work among the young generation from humble background who would rather find it difficult to receive the mentorship every young person deserves. Through the foundation’s programs with its different partners, we as the beneficiaries have really received a great sense of mentorship, the great Alumni network from different fields that provide different resources to the beneficiaries. These include the Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership Fellowship (SELF) which is a breeding ground for young entrepreneurs and leaders. A number of speakers from different spheres also manage to talk to the beneficiaries who learn from the different life experiences of these great people, resources such as startups are also provided and emotional support is also provided to the beneficiaries. This kind of mentorship leaves an inspired, educated and empowered young generation.By Sseremba Giovanni. Makerere University

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